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Entertainment 24 January, 2018


The silence and calmness in the face of the tumult. This Wednesday, January 24, Guillaume Canet ended in the middle of a controversy after the release of a mount on his account Instagram, purports to show that men of 2018 are worth less than those of 1960. He has since deleted, to cause a reaction among the internet users.

“Quiet, quiet, quiet “. The call of Guillaume Canet is clear : he wants to appease the users. The actor, a fan of surfing has caught a wave of messages calling into question one of its publications Instagram. A visual on which one discovers on the left Steve McQueen as a paragon of masculinity, the ‘ 60s, and to the right a mannequin parading in shorts with ruffles and tube top for JW Anderson in 2013 – the cliché is falsely dated to 2018. Under-heard : it was better before, when men were real men.

Result : Guillaume Canet has received dozens of messages asking him to clarify his remarks, criticizing him for not following the developments of his time, or mocking it outright to him – out of old photos that are not very flattering, like the one where he appears in his underwear in a horse stable. After several hours without a reaction, the actor has decided to cancel its publication (despite the comment left by Gad Elmaleh, laughing heartily support), and replace it with a video where we can see the sea. Guillaume Canet, couple with Marion Cotillard for over ten years, will, therefore, have not really responded to the controversy that has stirred up its networks for an entire day.

Thank you Guillaume Canet for this fine analysis societal that no one asked for

— Gabriel Piozza (@gabrielpiozza) January 24, 2018

“Hello, hospital ? Here the charity ! ”

— Fabien Randanne (@fabrandanne) January 24, 2018

Quiet, quiet, quiet… 🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️

A post shared by Guillaume Canet (@guillaumecanetofficiel) on Jan 24, 2018 at 8:15am PST

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Guillaume Canet

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