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Entertainment 23 December, 2017

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Very active on social networks, Faustine Bollaert often takes the time to respond to its subscribers. But sometimes, the facilitator receives messages which are a little displaced. Cash, it has taken to respond to a user.

Faustine Bollaert has not his tongue in his pocket and a lot of humor. The ex-host of the M6 channel has moreover obliged to respond to a user who had left a message very moved. Neither one nor two, the wife of the writer Maxim Chatham responded to his tweet. As a reminder, the user had not hesitated to evoke the silhouette : “You turned out to be a big p*** with the time, but you always remain good phew “, one can read.

Faustine Bollaert had replied : “I also wish you a nice evening “. Isn’t this the best response ? In any case, if some people are fun to write such words, the moderator also receives and especially for the many messages of support from his fans : “Stay in class and be polite even if others are not, bravo Faustina,” wrote one internet user.

Side professional, Faustine Bollaert seems to be more filled than ever with her new series “it starts today” broadcast on France 2. A real success for the chain since the program has exceeded the 10 % market share. It should also be on screen until June 2018. The coming months promise to be so fast-paced for the facilitator 38-year-old went on to projects. Faustine Bollaert is also in prime time for a new magazine company dedicated to our diet (TV Mag).

I also wish you a nice evening!!!

— Faustine BOLLAERT (@FaustineFB) December 21, 2017

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Faustine Bollaert

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