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50 years separate the father and the daughter. But between Izïa Higelin and his father, Jacques Higelin, it is love crazy. A message posted on the account of the daughter of the singer raise the concern around the health of the artist.

He likes neither the term father of the family, nor that of a chief of his tribe. It is as well as Jacques Higelin, 77 years of age, the interpreter of the mythical Pars, confided in our pages, in 2015. Moreover, in the Higelin, not a question of ” dad ” or ” daddy “, his children Arthur, 51 years old, and Kên, 45 years old, call him Jacques. Only, its small last, IzÏa, 27 years old, born of her love affair with the dancer Aziza Zakine, his wife since 2008, did not hesitate.

These two love, love, love. The daughter and the father have already given voice on stage together. “Our family is similar to that of the circus, it is always on the road. The only real moments that bring us together, outside of key dates, this is when listening to the new album of one of us, ” reflected the singer at the Gala. “I have the heart that beats for them.” The magazine Télérama, the artist had given all the love he felt for his only daughter. “Izïa, this is the life. I never miss an opportunity to see her on stage, I love the way she draws people, of which she the door. This is my only daughter… I have had in 50 years and I’m really busy. ”

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Feeling eminently shared, IzÏa. The singer-songwriter just posted on his account Instagram a photo where their complicity is full screen. With a single comment, a Forever surrounded by hearts that says a lot about the tenderness mingled with an admiration which unites them. A tender message which raise the concern around the health of the artist. The singer Bernard Lavilliers has hinted recently that he was worried for the health of his friend, which he said “was not very good”. A photo to entreat the bad fate.

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