PHOTO – Jade et Joy Hallyday : their emotional good-bye to Johnny, this dad ‘ that they were able to appease Gala

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Johnny Hallyday has changed their destinies, bringing them back from Vietnam in 2004 and in 2008. But the girls ‘adoptive’ has just as much upset in his life. On this 9th of December, as a final tribute is paid to their father, their courage, moved by France, which has seen them grow…

“Congratulations dad for your courage you are my hero on earth and I love you “… By posting this message on Twitter, at the end of October, it gave him the strength to beat the cancer one more month. At 13 years of age, his half-elder brother David at the time of the separation from their father, and Sylvie Vartan, at the beginning of the 80’s, Jade Hallyday is going to have to, in turn, grow up without a dad. Or, it is the sad, hope of a reunion.

Reduced from an orphanage in Hanoi, Vietnam, in late November 2004, the teenager is the child who will have saved the singer of the chasm. By his own admission, Johnny was too young when David was born, in 1966 ; not stable enough when Laura, the fruit of its love-affair with Nathalie Baye, has seen the light of day in 1983.

When Jade opens her eyes in August 2004, the icon Hallyday is in dispute with his record company Universal, cornered by the irs, which asks for millions, accused of rape by a hostess who has served on a yacht in Cannes, a few years earlier (the singer will get a ‘non-place’, in 2006). More challenging, his young wife Laeticia, whom he married in 1996, has a third miscarriage.

In June 2004, while in their joy of becoming parents, after two disappointments, the couple Hallyday have formalized the new by a statement to the AFP. They are happy, but still superstitious. The pregnancy is said to be ” difficult “. They have not ruled out adoption. A few months earlier, in February, they have filed an adoption application with the Ddass for a baby vietnamese.

Congratulations to my dad for your courage you are my hero on earth and I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @JohnnySjhhttps://t. co/5BY6xh3qpe

— JadeHallyday (@HallydayJade) October 25, 2017

When Laeticia loses to new life that she carries, all the hopes of the couple is focused on Vietnam. Their adoption is finalized in a few weeks. Miracle which will advance to some intervention of a relative, Bernardette Chirac, then First lady of France.

Johnny prefers to evoke other memories, such as the discovery of the face of their little girl, named Jade, in tribute to the book Jade and the sacred mysteries of life. In 2009, in the face of a journalist of Paris Match in the interview, Johnny launched to Laeticia : “at that time, you had four hours before daring to look at the photo. Impossible to convince you. “Response of the young mother :” It is true. This kind of happiness desired, and for which I had suffered so much in my flesh and in my heart, I was frightened all of a sudden. As a vertigo. “

A second adoption application is launched, shortly after the arrival of Jade in France. The singer declares to have suffered too much to be only-begotten son. As Laeticia, he was able to find the words and actions that soothe the first baby of the end of the world. While Jade has just celebrated its first anniversary, the rocker even goes so far as to dress up as father Christmas !

It is, however, a new obstacle course begins. And Laeticia to always remember in Paris Match, in 2009 : “We met with a lot of obstacles on our path. It has been subject to investigations over our couple, on the conditions in which you had to raise this baby… (…) The protection of children must be sure of the sincerity of the adoptive parents. This is normal. Still, it has been a long one. I was starting to lose hope… “

December 21, 2008, the Hallyday fly finally to Hanoi, once again. In September, they received by mail the photo of a second little girl, aged two months. The aptly-named Joy. “I was very, very afraid not to love Joy as much as Jade. Fear of not finding the right balance, and fear also that Jade, although it had desired, suffers from the arrival of his sister… All the moms are asking these questions. That, as if by magic, disappear as soon as you would like for the first time your baby in the arm “, confided Laeticia became a true mother she-wolf.

Marnes-la-Coquette in Los Angeles, via Gstaadt and Saint-Barth, the Hallyday look like a family almost normal. Hallyday, the beast of scene, is very small in front of the two princesses of the royal household. When he takes one on his knees, he grabs the other immediately, in order to avoid jealousies. He does not tire of admiring it. Joy the fun by his jokes, his temperament showgirl. Jade the moves by his wisdom, his maturity, his discipline.

Of wisdom, Jade Hallyday, entrenched in Marnes-la-Coquette with her sister since last September, will demonstrate in the next few months…

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