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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


After having left France following a battery of medical tests, Johnny Hallyday is presently enjoying the Caribbean sun on the side of her soft and tender wife. On his account Instagram, Laeticia sharing his happiness with the fans of the couple.

As if the disease no longer existed. While Johnny Hallyday suffers from lung cancer, the singer and his wife have chosen to leave France to join the beautiful paradise island of Saint-Barthelemy, in the Caribbean. There, away from it all, lovers are enjoying every moment as if everything was for the best in the best of all worlds. On his account Instagram, Laeticia Hallyday sharing and, as usual, these moments of happiness with his followers.

A first picture has immortalized the couple in the swimming pool of his villa with the Caribbean sea as a backdrop. Face-to-Face, the husband breathing happiness. Love is all we need #Fuckcancer, “comments Laeticia in the caption of the picture, never forgetting the motto of the couple, which encourages the disease to go elsewhere. The mother of Jade and Joy has released a video on which she is enjoying a boat ride, dressed in a simple bikini, a shirt and a cap, all complemented by her pair of sunglasses usual. In commentary, she cites the singer Bobby McFerrin and his famous refrain -” Don’t worry, Be Happy ” (“Don’t worry, be happy“). To conclude, the wife of Johnny was released Thursday, with a picture of a nice plate of tomato and mozzarella. A way as any to remember that even if this is not very rockn’ roll, the couple eat balanced.

On his account of him, Johnny has preferred to share a photo on which he and his wife enjoyed an “espresso martini ” in the company of the photographer Gilles Bensimon. Dressed in a bermuda and a simple t-shirt, the singer appears to the angels. A pretty foot of nose to all those who believed that Johnny would not be able to leave France to join Saint-Barthélémy. It is also worth noting that the singer has recently announced that he was about to get back on stage as early as next year. Hat the artist.

Love is all we need ❤️ #Fuckcancer @pierrerambaldi

A publication shared by Laeticia Hallyday (@lhallyday) August 13, 2017 at 9h29 PDT

Don’t worry Be Happy

A publication shared by Laeticia Hallyday (@lhallyday) August 16, 2017 at 9: 15 am PDT

Passion #Tomatoes #Burrata

A publication shared by Laeticia Hallyday (@lhallyday) August 17, 2017 to 8h46 PDT

The Espresso martini my friend @gilles_bensimon

A publication shared by Johnny Hallyday (@jhallyday) August 17, 2017 at 9h01 PDT

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