PHOTO – Laeticia Hallyday she found a smile at the beach with his daughters Jade and Joy Gala

Entertainment 29 January, 2018

Death of Johnny Hallyday

Life resumes its course for Laeticia Hallyday. Despite his grief, the widow of Johnny Hallyday allows himself little by little to smile again. Fortunately, she can count on the support of loved ones.

For Laeticia Hallyday, leaving St. Bartholomew was not an easy thing. The former model has had to return to Los Angeles in order to meet the demands of the immigration services, so as to be able to maintain its status as a u.s. resident. But the return was not without difficulty : having the impression of “abandon” her husband, buried in the cemetery of Lorient Saint-Barth, the mother of Jade and Joy would suffer from anxiety attacks.

However, returning finally to her home, Laeticia Hallyday is also a homecoming : she had not set foot in his house in the City of Angels since the summer of 2017, when her rocker husband had taken the route of the tour of the Old Scoundrels. By finding her home, she also found her habits, but also his friends, his family, stayed or have returned already to the United States.

In addition to Maxim Nucci, who preceded to Los Angeles to work on the album posthume de Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia has found one of his best friends, Laurence Favalelli, close to the couple for several years. Together, they offered a trip to the beach, to enjoy the sun and the heat of California in the company of his daughters. Jade, Joy and her friends at her side, Laeticia Hallyday has taken the pose, allowing finally to smile, in spite of the grief – marked by the black clothes she wears on the picture. Focused on her new projects and about the future of her daughters, the mother lioness takes little by little the hair of the beast. After all, it is this: that the man of her life would have wanted.

Sweetness 🕊#californialove

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Photo credits : Marechal Dawn/ABACA

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