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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


Laeticia Hallyday enjoys her family vacation in St. Barts. Very proud of his two daughters, Joy and Jade, she is regularly posting photos and videos on his account Instagram. Jade seems to be an adventuress while Joy is exercises to exercises of flexibility which seems to fascinate her mother.

Laeticia and Johnny Hallydaydisent “fuck” in cancer by taking advantage of their family vacation to Saint-Barthélemy. With their two daughters, Jade and Joy, they take advantage of the idyllic island to do excursions at sea on a sailing boat and also to jump of the cliffs into the natural pools created by the erosion. The more reckless, Jade, was filmed by his mother, making jumps and dives very ambitious for a girl of thirteen years. Joy, it is not risky to take to the pitch. The youngest of the clan Hallyday is exercised rather at the gym as was shown in a new video of the story ” Instagram of his mom. Very proud of her latest little one, Laeticia Hallyday has released a picture of Joy on a treadmill the legs… up in the air. In fact, the girl doing the splits on the arm of the contraption with a simplicity amazing. Comment on the picture, her mother’s caption: “My Joy “, with a big red heart. A photo which complements her vacation album. Laeticia Hallyday, capturing every moment she spends with her two princesses and her husband. The whole family has celebrated the birthday of Jade, 13, at the villa of St. Barts’ (lesser Antilles). Sacred moments that give strength to the couple to confront the illness of the singer.

Laeticia Hallyday

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