PHOTO Laetitia Milot, his pose sexy and lascivious in his pool with his buoy unicorn Gala

Entertainment 25 August, 2017


This summer, all the stars are in the water and, more specifically, sitting on their buoys. Of swimming pool accessories very much in trend, in the shape of fruits or animals, which seem designed to make envy the followers of Instagram. As the actress Plus belle la vie, Laetitia Milot, who could not resist the idea of buying one.

Laetitia Milot has experienced a year full of filming, with the release of series revenge with clear eyes on TF1. Away trays in television, the actress of 37 years finally provides a break in the pool, encouraged by his fans to “enjoy” this moment of calm. And this year, like many celebrities, she has fallen for a buoy by a giant rubber… A unicorn, as it reveals through a dump on his account Instagram. Before she Kylie Jenner, Caroline Receiver and Dancing with the stars , and the former Miss France Malika Ménard, have made this kind of purchase : a toucan or a flamingo fluorescent to be easily recognizable in the basins. One thinks also of the buoy donut of Camille Gottlieb, one of the two daughters of Stephanie of Monaco.

As long as Laetitia Milot to come back with a tan impeccable, because soon, it will be necessary to replay the scripts. As expected, she is about to give the best of itself to the viewers of Revenge with clear eyes. The diffusion of a after the series is scheduled for spring 2018. It is also moving to publish a new book. The title is Related to the life , and should appear in bookstores in October.

A little rest #relax #rest #heat

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Laetitia Milot

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