PHOTO Laetitia Milot: new hair cut and plunging neckline, the actress is radiant Gala

Entertainment 10 August, 2017


Currently shooting The revenge at the clear eyes, the actress Laetitia Milot reveals on his account Instagram a picture that shows it radiant and in full bloom, the tanned skin and hair statements.

After a surgery related to her endometriosis last march, the actress Laetitia Milot has decided to conduct, in parallel to her desire for motherhood and her career. Discovered by the general public in television production , More beautiful life, the actress currently shooting the second season of revenge with clear eyes. This new season will be broadcast on TF1 at the end of the year.

On the social network Instagram, Laetitia Milot, despite his busy summer, seems to enjoy life. The actress has published in the last few weeks of shots from the filming of the series, where she always appears radiant, sometimes in the company of the other stars of the cast, as the actress Florence Thomassin, or the actor Thierry Frémont.

This Wednesday, it shared with its subscribers, a portrait very summery where she appears to be radiant, hair statements that let us appreciate its plunging neckline. Strands of hair blondies underline its tanning season. The very beautiful shot has been commented on and “liked” by thousands of fans. One wishes of course to Laetitia Milot of quickly be other reasons to view a mine as a radiant and fulfilled.

A publication shared by Laetitia MILOT (@laetitiamilotofficiel) on August 9, 2017 to 9h34 PDT

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