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Entertainment 18 December, 2017

Weight loss

Loana has released a new photo of herself on social networks. After having been subjected to a reduction process of the stomach, the former candidate of Love Story, continues to lose weight. She is proud and his fans also.

Loana appears radiant on the new picture that she posted on her account Instagram, Sunday, December 17. The former candidate for reality tv has already lost 30 kg in seven months and seems to continue to refine. In a white tunic tied with a belt, the former participant of the Love Story shows a body and a face thinner and seems serene.

Its subscribers do not hesitate to praise: “I do wish you happiness, you deserve this more than anyone ! Continues to make people dream “, “Beautiful, a rebirth for you, Loana !! I went by there also…Good end of year celebrations” , “Bravo ” for this path, always with as much courage !!!!! “or “Wow what a change I am pleased to see you as well as you be exit, you deserve this so much, you are just sublime.”

At 40 years old, Loana has undergone a sleeve gastrectomy. This operation of the stomach is to remove the two-thirds of the patient’s stomach to help him lose weight. A difficult operation, but that seems to have made the smile to be the star of téléralité. Loana has also regained his serenity after being reconciled with Phil Storm, his companion until last September with whom she has shared an eight-month relationship.

Little romantic thought to wish you a good day 😊✨🌸 Full of huge hugs to all… ❤️💜💙.. and good Sunday…😊

A post shared by Loana (@loana_karesdanje) on Dec 17, 2017 at 5:49am PST

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