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Entertainment 19 December, 2017


Renaud had said that they wanted to release an album for children. It was scheduled for Christmas 2017. But a priori, there will be no album… On his account Instagram, her daughter, Lolita Séchan, post – something rare – a nice family photo. Dad’s tenderness…

“In December it is the apotheosis/ The grande bouffe, and small gifts/ They are still too weak/ But there’s joy in the ghettos/ The Earth may stop turning/ They miss their new year’s eve/ Me I would like to see all of the popping/ Muffled of turkey with chestnuts. “Lolita was not yet born when his father, Renaud, wrote these words (the song Hex is output in 1975). But, today, the young woman quoted this verse on his account Instagram.

Lolita Séchan, 37 years old, is a woman’s modesty. Apart from his pencil strokes (she has just written and drawn The Mists of Sapa, a BD (editions Delcourt), the paw or muzzle of his cat Robert, she only speaks very rarely of his father on social networks. Deliberately. But on that day in December, she post this photo.

In December, it is the apotheosis, The great food and small gifts, They are always so gloomy, But there is a joy in the ghettos.

A post shared by Lola Séchan (@lolasechan) on Dec 19, 2017 at 1:46am PST

However, there is little, Lolita Séchan shared a photo with Renaud followed by this comment : “This is the first and probably the only photo of the two of us that I’ll post here. But tonight I am proud of my father, then I say it. “

This is the first and probably the only photo of the two of us that I’ll post here. But tonight I am proud of my father, then I say it.

A post shared by Lola Séchan (@lolasechan) on Sep 17, 2017 at 2:42pm PDT

We, like his thousands of followers, it is looked forward to instead of see a picture of Renaud with the one for which he wrote songs like Lola, but also Mistral winner or Morgane de toi. So many declarations of love, which not only have not taken a ride, but are still part of our playlists the most intimate.

Since the end of his tour Phoenix Tour, including the live self-titled was released on the 1st of December, and that broke all the records of entry, the singer did not appear. But at the time of the death of Johnny Hallyday, Renaud is expressed with sincerity and humility. France has lost a legend and me a friend. All I do is cry in front of my tv, it won’t leave us. He was THE star of the song, rock and cinema. Immense sadness… “, he gave our colleagues from Paris Match. Adding : “If I had known that I loved her so much, I would have liked more “. Behind these words, like a regret…

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