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Entertainment 21 August, 2017


M Pokora mourns the loss of Emily D’angelo, his partner in the clip The World. A very sad news that the young man had posted on his account Instagram.

M Pokora is in mourning. On Monday 21 August, the singer and juror of “The Voice Kids was announced on social networks and the death of Emily D’angelo, a model and actress who performed the role of his girlfriend and clip to The World in 2014. Saddened by this disappearance, the successor to the self-proclaimed Claude François was keen to pay tribute to him : “Sad news… every time I sing ‘The world’ it will be for you… Rest in peace Emy. ‘The first who falls in love lost…’ “, he wrote in the caption of the catches of the video that had gathered.

Affected in their turn, the fans of M Pokora have been very many to send messages of condolences to the sex-symbol as well as to the relatives of the deceased : “What terrible news ! Too much world too quickly, too soon. It is horrible for loved ones, for we are all human. I hope she will rest in peace. It will leave an indelible mark forever on our hearts moved by this tragic loss”, ” Rest in peace. I love this song. I listen to it often. I’ll be thinking also to it each time that you listen to. All my condolences to the family and friends “, can we read it in the comments.

As beautiful as talented, Emily D’angelo was, as stated in the book online, appeared in several clips and was filmed in many movies, promotional of parisian evenings.

Sad news… every time I sing ” the world “, this is for you… Rest in peace ” Emy “” The first that falls in love, has lost… “

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