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Entertainment 22 August, 2017


The trademark Auchan has been questioned on Twitter after launching bags for the slogan deemed sexist. Marlène Schiappa, secretary of State for equality of women and men, considered that the supermarket had more than a century of delay.

HOORAY ! I have the credit card my man ! “can it be read on shopping bags Auchan attached to a drawing style of the 50’s of a woman leaping for joy. The message is stuck in the throat of many women and men who have not hesitated to call the large surface area on Twitter.

Posted Monday, August 21, in the morning, the first tweet of indignation, ” Seriously Auchan ? “, has been shared over two thousand times in one day. Several messages of the same type followed : “In fact, I earn more than my guy. So ” hooray, I have my credit card “, do you ? “, “What amazes me is to think of the number of people by which this bag happened to be manufactured and that no one has said.”

The secretary of State for equality of women and men, Marlène Schiappa, was also held to condemn such a message. “”1907 : married women may dispose freely of their wagesJust a century and a decade late…”, she tweeted on Tuesday, August 22, by adding a link to the timeline of women’s rights. The act of 1907 appears in the fourth line, between the reintroduction of divorce in 1884, and paid maternity leave, 1913.

Auchan has finished by responding to the controversy, on Twitter, through a message of a few lines : “We are sorry for the turn taken by the visual on this bag, and the emotions. The bags were immediately removed. “An explanation, which did not seem to be the height, in view of the comments.
Whether in advertising, on tv, or on the political scene, the acts of gender are not immune to the controversy. Marlène Schiappa is well placed to testify.

Seriously @AUCHAN_France ?

— inverse (@proportional) August 21, 2017

“1907: married women may dispose freely of their wages “
Just a century and a decade of delay…

— MarleneSchiappa (@MarleneSchiappa) August 22, 2017Marlène Schiappa

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