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Entertainment 13 January, 2018


A great friend of Johnny Hallyday, Maxim Nucci has the heavy responsibility to complete the 51st album of the rocker passed away. The musician has shared a photo of his work in the studio.

During the tribute popular made by Johnny Hallyday at the church of the Madeleine, Maxim Nucci (aka Yodélice) seemed to be extremely upset. It is to him that is now incumbent upon the heavy task of completing the 51st album of the rocker disappeared on the 6th of December. To make it resonate one last time the voice of the Taulier, the musician is back in the studios and is trying to complete a disk posthumous, which will be a date.

Maxim Nucci chose Instagram to share a picture that will delight all fans of Johnny Hallyday. The musician has posted a photo of Carmel Helene (singer of the Taulier, author and performer of country music) and Amy Keys (one of the backing singers of the tour Hallyday 2012), two employees of the rocker. The vocal talents of the two artists will be featured on the future album. On the picture, Yodélice sent a small tribute to Johnny Hallyday, surrounding the initials of the lead singer of two black hearts.

In the aftermath of the death of Johnny Hallyday, Maxim Nucci had posted a moving message to the attention of the rocker. “Nothing will be as before. You leave me lost and distraught without your nobility, your eyes, your voice, your laugh and your infinite tenderness. Immense despair. No other words, tears… a lot… you are gonna terribly miss you, ” he confided on Instagram. Yodélice had made love, the 50th album of Johnny Hallyday released in November 2015. The commercial and critical success had sealed their friendship.



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