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Health 4 July, 2017

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Nabilla Benattia, the star of reality tv show placed in the Angels has posted a good news through his account Instagram, Tuesday 4 July. She has just found her father, Kouthir, after ten years of absence and conflict, caused by the divorce of his parents, and a passage heated to adolescence.

Over the past ten years, it lacked someone in the life of Nabilla. Behind his profile glossy and his sentences cults, is in reality always hidden a small and fragile girl, a teenager, who has not had time to grow and little accomplice with his father. A certain Kouthir, which she left at the age of 13 years, preferring to go to Geneva in Switzerland, on the side of her mother, at the time of the divorce the couple, as she had confided in Paris Match in July 2016.

Since then, Kouthir and the young woman have learned to find gradually. If they post today a nice shot of the trio that she formed with his father and his brother, Tarek. A photo where the little girl was snuggled against him on the sofa, and caption “ I love him so much and I like him so much ” on Instagram, the story of their reconciliation is full of obstacles. Nabilla has always been a rebel, ready to break the rules by a simple need to defy authority; he has the reverse, has proved to be a little too harsh and remote.

The history of this contact dates back to the month of August 2014 : at the time of the filming of the show “Allo Nabilla “on NRJ 12. As explained then The Figaro, the beautiful was trying to reconnect with him through a letter, especially to talk with him about his companion, but could not find the words and was in tears in front of the cameras.

A few months later, she was in “the case of the knife” in the face of his companion Thomas Vergara and spent in detention on remand. Stood behind the bars of the prison of Versailles for six months for ” attempted manslaughter “. But when her father learns of her situation, she flatly refuses her visits. “If I have to find dad, this will not be in prison. Out of question that I review here , “notes in his book, daddy’s Girls released last may, Lorraine Kaltenbach. The brunette will also be ” ringing several times the number of his father at the UN to hear the sound of his voice before hanging up , “writes the author. They will wait for July 2016 for a new face-to-face in Annemasse. He speaks in turn of his new life and his new marriage. The reconciliation will truly be held in June 2017 ; event greatly followed by the instagrameuses fans of Nabilla, from her book Too quickly, or even his collection of selfies. The feelings of pride and pride dispelled, the young woman relieved she will write : “it hurts so good “.

So , after all this time my dad allows me to put a picture of him , I love him so much and I like him so much , I am glad that this is found I love it more than anything in the world and in case you haven’t recognized the small person on these knees it is @tarekofficial ☺ this ☺

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