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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


Before resuming his tour concert in November this year, Natasha St-Pier is currently benefiting from the beautiful-time in the company of her husband and their son, Bixente, soon to be two years old.

Rather than opting for a visit to Quebec, Natasha St-Pier and her husband have preferred to go to the sea in the company of their son, Bixente. A trip under the sun which seems to have delighted the small family to believe in the snapshot published on Monday morning by the canadian singer. On the photo posted online and shared with over 6500 subscribers, Natasha St-Pier immortalizes the first moments of his son on a surfboard. Under the watchful eye of his dad, Bixente, 21 months, stands upright, is dressed in a beautiful combination of surfer. The toddler seems to the angels and his parents also. For its 21-month, writes Natasha St-Pier legend of the cliché, Bixente made his first surf lesson with dad. He manages to get up and move… missing the wave “.

These moments of happiness that contrast well of course a lot with the anxiety felt at the birth of the little Bixente. During her pregnancy, Natasha St-Pier, indeed, had learned that his son was suffering from a congenital heart defect, a type of cardiac malformation. Four months after his birth, Bixente had to be operated on with an open heart. A Thierry Ardisson, the mother of the little Bixente explained shortly before the operation that she had a lot of trouble to enjoy the small moments of life, as the anguish of losing his son is taking over on the rest of the considerations. Fortunately for everyone, the surgery was completed without complication. Bixente is now pampered by his mom and his dad, the former fireman of Paris Gregory Quillacq. The singer can finally fully enjoy each moment, as she proves in this lovely photo.

For its 21-month Bixente made his first surf lesson with dad. He manages to get up and move… that’s missing is the wave

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