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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Installed year-round in the United States, Noah Elmaleh, the son of Gad, is currently passing through France. The young person has made know to his followers using a photo is very sexy.

It’s official, Noah Elmaleh is in Paris! Installed in the Atlantic most of the year, the eldest son of the French humorist Gad Elmaleh and actress Anne Brochet has informed on Thursday to his fans and admirers that it is pulsed again in the French capital. An announcement yet almost unnoticed, overshadowed in the eyes of the fans by the beautiful cliché used by Noah Elmaleh to illustrate his post Instagram. A black and white photograph that has not failed to react to many fans of the young man.

On the photo, the young model 16 years poses bare-chested, dressed in simple torn jeans, sitting at the window of a haussmann building. The head turned to the outside, the black hair still wet, he does not like jewelry as a discreet ring on the left hand. The attention of internet users is laying yet before any on the abdominal muscles of the young man. A chocolate bar worthy of the greatest sportsmen of high level. Remember that in the beginning of the year, Noah Elmaleh began to take its evidence on the catwalks as a fashion model as well in New York, on the occasion of the Fashion Week, in Milan, during the parade of Dolce & Gabbana. In two hours, the son of Gad Elmaleh is in any event managed to raise more than 15000 likes on his account Instagram with the announcement of his arrival in Paris. The future is bright for the big brother of the small Raphael.


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