Photo of Johnny Hallyday on his death-bed : when the image of François Mitterrand was a controversial Gala

Entertainment 19 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

The controversy swells after the JDD has revealed that a photographer’s anonymous attempt to resell a photo of Johnny Hallyday in his coffin. A serious violation of the intimacy of the singer and his family, which is unfortunately not a first. In 1996, a photo of François Mitterrand on his death-bed had already caused a scandal.

Public figures but before any of the men whose rights must be respected. This is in substance the judgment delivered by the court of Paris during the lawsuit against Paris Match published a photo of the former President, François Mitterrand, on his bed of word. After more than twenty years, no one has formally identified the author of this photo taboo, even if the list of photographers potential is relatively limited, few people have had access to the body of the deceased. Today, the same questions arise about this mysterious photo of Johnny Hallyday : that could have taken a snapshot of the rocker put in beer ? No information has currently been revealed and the family of the idol has not yet reacted to the possible existence of this photograph which would have been proposed to the manager of the store of items dedicated to Johnny Hallyday.

The emotion aroused by the death of public figures, immediately aroused a strong enthusiasm for commemorative items, or having belonged, to the stars. The death of Johnny Hallyday, at the age of 74 years, died of a disease, escapes, unfortunately, not the rule. Some, unscrupulous, trying to take advantage of this popular enthusiasm, taking all the risks, including that of a conviction in court. As a reminder, the weekly Paris Match, which published the photo of François Mitterrand in 1996 had been sentenced, at the time, for 100 000 francs fine.

Photo credit : CVS / Bestimage

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