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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


Separated… But on good terms ! Amanda Sthers and her ex-husband Patrick Bruel are not torn apart after their divorce. Better : the novelist completes his film Holy Lands, and the singer participated in the filming.

Their marriage lasted six years. But their love did not die out with the divorce : it has simply changed form. Amanda Sthers and Patrick Bruel remained close after their separation they will not miss moreover, it is not an opportunity to tell in public all the good that they think of the other, as a person and as an artist. Yet, the writer and the singer had never worked together-a loss now repaired, as Patrick Bruel will play the actors for the new film from Amanda Sthers, Holy Lands.


On Monday 14 August, the interpreter of the Place of great men was published on his Twitter account a photo where he appears in Brussels, ” on the set of “Holy Lands “. A cliché that his ex-wife was eager to share his tour, accompanying him to its subscribers of a new legend : “What a joy to work finally together ! she writes, happy to carry out this project in the company of the father of her two children, Oscar, born in 2003 and Leon, born in 2005.


If the ex-spouse will hear today as well, it is, moreover, in particular for the well-being of their son. Amanda Sthers went even further to keep the name of the “Bruel” on his papers, to stay the closest possible to the two young boys – a decision that is also practical, particularly in travel, as she confided in 2015.


What a joy to work finally together !

— Amanda Sthers (@AmandaSthers) August 14, 2017Patrick BruelAmanda Sthers

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