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Entertainment 19 August, 2017


Accompanied by Julie Gayet, François Hollande offered a meal friendly in the village of Eygalières alongside Charles Aznavour and Michel Drucker.

Small plates and great personalities. François Hollande and Julie Gayet, who allegedly decided to install together to continue their romance, were present Thursday at Eygalières, a village in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’azur. The opportunity for the couple to dinner in good company with their friends Charles Aznavour and Michel Drucker, the presenter of Vivement Dimanche has a residence in the area.

The owners of the restaurant Chez Paulette have immortalised the event with a photo posted on their account Facebook. You can see the former head of State alongside the singer and the animator feature of France 2. Michel Drucker has confided to the microphone of Paris to speak of that time, evoking a dinner-very warm and exciting “. According to him, the guests talked about film, song and television without writing a single instant on the policy.

Michel Drucker, who knows François Hollande “for a long time” indicated that the former President of the Republic was “very fit” and ” relaxed “. The one who has left the Élysée palace and the tensions associated with its status is now “released from the vise” and seems to fully enjoy life. François Hollande has also celebrated its anniversary last Sunday in the Var, always alongside Julie Gayet.


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