PHOTOS – Ana Girardot, and Arthur de Villepin : it is the madness of love between the actress and the son of the former Prime minister – Gala

Entertainment 11 January, 2018


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At the discretion of their hectic life by their travels, Arthur de Villepin and Ana Girardot reveals a part of their private life on Instagram. The two lovebirds seem to be more in love than ever.

For the past two years, flowing glamour frequently share moments of their life on Instagram. Arthur de Villepin and Ana Girardot are happy together and want to show it to their subscribers. It is especially on the official account of the son of the former minister that the photos are the most numerous, the actress of 29 years preferring his side post pictures of his adventures professional.

Last July, the young woman had posted a beautiful message of love on the occasion of the anniversary of ” the man the most stylish and sexy “. This is me, October 25, as the actress Ana Girardot and his companion Arthur de Villepin had to formalize their relationship by showing, already on Instagram, in love, on a beach in Bali. The couple has the habit to travel and share their happiness abroad, from Thailand to Italy, via London.


Ana Girardot, Arthur de Villepin

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