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Entertainment 15 December, 2017


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70-year-old, one has eventually transpired within the royal family of England. A 42-year-old, the other continues to embody the great hollywood glamour. A priori, they have nothing in common. And yet…

They shook hands for the first time, in June 2014, at Clarence House. The subject of the interview was not really lightweight, since it was question of sexual violence in the war zone. But at first glance, they are recognized. Between Camilla, ex-wife Parker-Bowles, duchess of Cornwall, blond man in his seventies, and Angelina Jolie, ex-wife Pitt, hollywood actress and pasionaria of the most destitute, dark-haired forty-something woman, this is not only the Atlantic, it is a world that seemed insurmountable. Except that on closer look, “Milla” and “Angie” sharing more than one common point.

Lately, a few hours apart, one in London, the other in New York, the two women are as well appeared in a coat out of velvet, the grand chic of the season. Blue night, the duchess of Cornwall celebrated the equestrian art. Deep black, Mrs Pretty was participating in a conference on resilience. Is this a coincidence ? Delivered to the expert hands of a relookeuse and very aware of past elegance, since the beginning of the years 2000, Camilla prefers typically the dark tones or pastels, white, grey and beige, or a color picker supposed to make it more discrete, in the same way that Angelina Jolie, the choice of which of these basic colours is mainly explained by the need to be able to close a suitcase and jump on a humanitarian convoy in a minimum of time. Like its older sister, the ex-punk Hollywood has softened its image, by the way.

Because, in addition to a wardrobe, which have been widely studied, and a taste for vintage jewelry, “the Rottweiler” and “the Tarantula,” as it was known on both sides of the Atlantic, compete for, especially the title of ” scribbler card of the household “. Mistress of Charles since the 70’s, Camilla will remain for the great history, the one that flew to Lady Diana for her prince not so charming. The marriage of the ill-fated lovers, in 2005, just begins to blend into the decorum british. Partner very particular of Brad Pitt on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith in 2004, Angelina Jolie, she, will remain for the gazettes people that has been crying Jennifer Aniston. His separation from the actor, in 2016, after a marriage celebrated two years ago, has still not been ended by a divorce. After being accused of being a spouse to an alcoholic and violent, Angelina denies Brad shared custody of their six children, adoptive and biological. Their lawyers continue fighting, adding to the bad reputation of Mrs Pretty.

With so much fervor that the duchess of Cornwall, made a commitment to persons with osteoporosis, victims of domestic violence or the homeless, her younger hollywood continues to denounce the abuses in the regions most fiery of the world. It is with political ambitions. Camilla, she could obtain the title of queen, after Charles has taken the succession of his mother Elisabeth II on the throne. Yet few efforts Angelina…

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