PHOTOS – Benedict Cumberbatch: with its incredible physical transformations is mister Strange

Entertainment 11 November, 2016

This week, Benedict Cumberbatch is showing the new film of Marvel Studios, Doctor Strange. It embodies the famous neurosurgeon become superheroes master of the mystic arts. A new physical transformation for an actor used to playing with his physical and his face outside the norm.
Revealed by the series Sherlock , where he gives life and brings a new dimension to the character of Conan Doyle , Benedict Cumberbatch was noted for his talent but also for his incredible physical . A mouth as they say. And also a voice, but it’s obviously his face that stands out immediately.
Filmmakers who choose Benedict Cumberbatch take part in this physical, ideal for film. The actor inspired the filmmakers whether to play characters who existed as Julian Assange in the fifth power , Stephen Hawking in Hawking or Alan Turing in Imitation Game , but also heroes straight out of their imagination as the villain of Star Trek into darkness or the new super hero adapted from Marvel comics, Doctor Strange , in theaters this Wednesday.
Retrour images on all physical transformations of Benedict Cumberbatch in our slideshow.