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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


Benjamin Castaldi and his brother-in-law, the DJ Bob Sinclar come to pose together on a photo that was shared and the facilitator on his account Instagram. The opportunity to see also Raphael, the son of the king of the turntables who looks like him as two drops of water.

By marrying on August 27, 2016 fourth wedding, Aurore Aleman, Benjamin Castaldi became even the brother-in-law of a DJ world famous, the well-named Bob Sinclar. The latter, who in December last was referred to his relationship with the facilitator of 47 years in the columns of the magazine Closer : “What a charming man ! I have a lot of luck, and I love my sister-in-law, Dawn, [the sister of his wife, Ingrid, editor’s NOTE]. Benjamin is a man who knows how to assume its responsibilities. It has the spirit of family. It is someone who is very generous, with a fabulous energy, a lot of humor. This is a guy that I love. I could talk about him for hours !


Talk for hours, but also take the poses together to make the relationship between the two men is oh-so-brotherly. As they just make it this Monday, August 14, on the picture that just posted Benjamin Castaldi on his account Instagram. The social network on which the husband of Aurore Aleman has also published photos of the children of Bob Sinclar (real name is Christophe Le Friant). So has he given the opportunity to discover the pretty face of a Raphael, 17 years old, and his sister Paloma, 14, who strongly resemble their famous father.


Two children on whom Bob Sinclar was expressed in an interview granted to the site in march 2013, he explained including that they are ” always ” his ” first audience ” : “My ritual : we settle in the car and I put a CD full of different songs, including my new title, of course, but without telling them and I’m waiting for their reaction. If they ask me back, it is won, it never misses ! “

love family …

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@raphlefriant handsome!!!❤️❤️❤️

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happy birthday @palolefriant with @raphlefriant ❤️❤️

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