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Entertainment 10 September, 2017


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The people have become completely addicted to social networks and post on their accounts, everything and anything. Here are pictures of what our friends the celebrities have wanted to share with us this week.

Beyoncé, a native of Houston, came to his hometown to distribute food to the disaster victims of hurricane Harvey. A star with a big heart, we love it.

Spectacles on nose, Madonna is the plays a nerd !

Ashley Graham, the model XXL, crazy in love with her husband kisses her passionately in the pool. Hot before!

Cristiano Ronaldo proud of his latest car, a beautiful Ferrari color bordeaux. It should rumble under the hood !

Eva Longoria has the chance to be always on holiday. Wearing a strapless white dress, the beautiful is keyed to the Greek houses. Lovely as always.

At the Venice Film Festival, the stunning Penélope Cruz made a splash in her white evening dress, super form-fitting. Caliente !

Still very much in love and accomplices of the prince Charles and Camilla have sketched a few dance steps in the joy and good mood.

Currently at The Meeting for professional projects, the lovely Denitsa Ikonomova take advantage of the beauties of the island. A flower among the flowers.

Grégoire Lyonnet et Alizée has a new project. A dance school in their names, will see the day in Ajaccio on the 1st of October next. The proof is in the picture.

Very proud of her ass bounced, Zahia does not hesitate to let us once again enjoy !

Wow… Shy m-mode ultra-sexy, in a dress, super form-fitting, thigh discoveries… the temperature is rising !

Khloe Kardashian is stunning in a top-to-pressure ultra tight white, strapless dizzying ! Attention eyes…

In New York, our beautiful Miss France is taken to the statue of Liberty. Original !

We wish you good viewing and look forward to seeing you next week.

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