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Entertainment 9 September, 2017


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Emmanuel Macron ? “A character in a novel ” for the writer Philippe Besson, who has titled his new book. A book, released on Thursday, September 7, rich of dozens of unpublished anecdotes. The occasion to learn that the outfits haute couture worn by Brigitte Macron serve him well to hide his shyness.

Intimate Portrait, a tale of adventure, ” a character in A novel ” (Ed. Julliard), the book the most awaited and the most secret part of the start of the literary, is all of this at once. The author ? Philippe Besson. The writer, a friend of the couple Macron, who believed in the destiny of the head of State on the same day, where he slammed the door of the government, the August 30, 2016. “This time, I am convinced of this: there will (…) part in the collision “. Better, seeing Emmanuel Macron on the news, on the evening of 30 August, the novelist no further doubt : “It occurs to me a strange thing. The appearance causes an illumination, a revelation. I think : this man will be president one day “, he explains in his book.


Therefore, it is a notebook and pen in hand that the writer has noted, collected, recorded, a plethora of moments in the life of the one he appoints Emmanuel M : “It is this impression of irresistible who decides the book. I think : I’m going to write the story of the man who becomes president , “he wrote. A book that is also beautiful Brigitte Macron, her friend. The writer is book a good number of unpublished anecdotes about the wife of the head of State before the couple are to be found in the gold of the Elysee. Thus we learn that in march last, at a time when the JDD revealed that François Fillon was offered two costumes Arny’s for the small sum of 13 000€, Brigitte Macron has launched Philippe Besson : “I understand his taste for fancy clothes ! Myself, I like to wear beautiful dresses. “


A taste for fashion and luxury clothes which, according to the author, do not plant its roots in the simple coquetry. No, their use serves to hide the shyness of the first lady : ” They protect me. Often, I have a lot of trouble to go into formal dinner but, if a designer is nice enough to lend me a dress, so I finally feel capable. “, he reports in his book. Book, which he will defend on Saturday night in the face with Laurent Delahousse on the plateau du 20h de France 2.

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