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Entertainment 21 December, 2017


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Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron could have been, even more than many couples, cross and miss. To him, the pupil of lycée la Providence in Amiens, she, her French professor, and moderator of the drama club, despite their 24 year gap, are found. Return on their encounter while he was still a high school student.

Update : on 21 December, the president celebrates 40 years. A birthday he will celebrate in the restaurant with Brigitte his wife. In the world, their love story is interesting. Brigitte Macron and Emmanuel, and her husband, Emmanuel Macron, form an unusual couple.

24 years separate them, but a real complicity, visible of all, the unit. If Emmanuel Macron has known only one woman in his life, this is it!! And their union was not won in advance, but the fascination of Emmanuel for Brigitte begins in childhood. For the father of Emmanuel Macron, “Brigitte is THE woman, and this is the more singular.”In fact, we know that a girlfriend, a young girl met her prior to his meeting with Ms. Auzière.

They meet on the benches of the school, but Brigitte does not resist, in the face of the young student, studious Macron. From the sixth to the first, it is in the school complex Providence in Amiens that he discovered the joys of studies. Brigitte Macron is already married, and called his name wife Brigitte Auzière. She is a professor of French, and ran the drama club where the seriousness of Emmanuel leave a bit of madness. It has never been running, just within the drama club.

Without doubt, it is this freedom that will type in the eye of the one who is more than ever in the running to become the next president of the Republic. The teacher and the student to evoke the idea of writing a piece of theatre together. They rendezvous with Brigitte Auzière. The mother of Emmanuel think this piece of theater is an excuse to see the girls of his teacher.

Françoise Macron did little wrong. It was a pretext, but the purpose was not the same. He wanted to spend time with his teacher, and convince her to start their great adventure. It will take a bit of time.

Brigitte Macron confided later on this meeting, “I’ve never experienced as a transgression. (…) I never considered as a student“.

Emmanuel will leave in terminal lycée La Providence for the lycée Henri IV in Paris, throwing a phrase indicative of the state of mind of the candidate of Work!: “You do not get rid not of me, I will return and I will marry !” At the time, the young man was a high school student u look romantic, a teen with “a sheep on the head”, said one of his teachers.

Brigitte divorcera and settled in Paris some time later, in 2006. This meeting and this union was unusual also to Emmanuel Macron, a man outside the norm. They married in 2007 in le Touquet in front of his family. If at the beginning, the parents of Emmanuel Macron have been struggling to accept this relationship, her mother Françoise Nogues was at his side on the evening of the victory of his son.

The photos of this meeting with the youth (capillary!) Emmanuel Macron, are to be found in the slide show above.


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