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Entertainment 14 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

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Like any good rocker who respects himself, the body of Johnny Hallyday was a real canvas on which he had been drawn to tattoos, many of them in tribute to a loved one.

Johnny Hallyday, who died on the 6th of December last, loved the tattoos, many of those drawn on his body ‘ were tributes to those you love the most. His wife is the subject of several drawings : two skeletons in love, kissing in a heart on his arm, as well as the body of his naked wife. On his skin, there is also a scorpion, the astrological sign of his daughter, Laura Smet, and the head of a lion, the zodiac sign of David, on the forearm, and then the given names of his last two, Jade and Joy, framing a picnic with a star in its heart.

Very proud of his tattoos, Johnny Hallyday was not the show on his account instagram. Among its tattoo artists, Mark Mahoney, who officiates in Los Angeles and who has left his needle on the skin of american stars such as Lana Del Rey, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke, Britney Spears, Rihanna, or even The Notorious B. I. G. In 2015, it was shown on the social network in the process of getting a tattoo of the numbers 666 by Rick Walters, another leading tattooist across the Atlantic.

Photo credit : Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa

Johnny Hallyday

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