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Entertainment 11 December, 2017


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After the tribute paris on December 9, Johnny Hallyday will be buried in the cemetery of Lorient, Saint Barthelemy on Monday, 11 December. His white coffin if majestic is going to find its final resting place. Discover what is hidden behind this color is highly symbolic.

Saturday 9 December, we never saw him : the coffin of Johnny Hallyday a pristine white. Through the transparent roof of the hearse, in front of the church of the Madeleine, in the heart of the church and now, in the chapel funeral to Lorient, a small town of Saint-Barthélémy. A casket impressive, with crisp white bedding which looked his wife Laeticia, his daughters Jade and Joy, his first two children, Laura Smet et David Hallyday, his first wife, Sylvie Vartan, for a last kiss.

A white coffin, with a nod in tribute to Elvis as Johnny Hallyday’s adored. Once again, Laeticia has complied with all the wishes of her man. She, the wife, if worthy, that since the death of Johnny, ensures to pay homage to him. It has held up, but has cracked at the time of kissing the coffin of her husband for 23 years.

A white coffin as a tribute to Elvis but also because it will be based in Saint-Barth’, where white is the colour of mourning, not black. In the small cemetery of Lorient, the white coffin of Johnny arrived in a Boeing is now waiting at the funeral home, surrounded by white flowers and protected by the fans of the star.

On 11 December, for the final farewell to Johnny Hallyday under the sun in St. Bart’s, this island that he loved so much and where he has his Villa Jade, the name of his first adoptive daughter, everything will be white. The coffin, of course, just like the white cross etched on it, but also the tombstone, and guests.Laeticia has asked the 80 people present to come, dressed in white, the color of the light that was in him , but also that of mourning on this island in the Caribbean. The white is for a ultimate farewell to Johnny Hallyday.

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