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Entertainment 21 August, 2017


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A part of its love stories will be discussed this evening in Cloclo, on TF1. France Gall, Isabelle Forest, Sofia Kiukkonen… who are the women who have shared the life of Claude François, icon French 70’s ?

If Claude François had not left his position as a bank employee, it would perhaps not have experienced the success on the stage, and these wonderful women who accompanied him during his career. When he joined the orchestra of Marcel Bleached, the hotel Provençal in Juan-les-Pins in 1959, he quickly makes the acquaintance of Jane Woollacott. The latter, born in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom, is a dancer. They fall in love during an evening in Monte-Carlo. Very quickly, their history appears as a highlight and they were married in November 1960. Gradually, however, tensions arise in the relationship. The singer is jealous and possessive, and Jane Woollacott has need of distance. She leaves it two years later for the beautiful eyes of another man. A certain Gilbert Bécaud, who, too, lives only for the song.

Time goes by and Claude Francois knows his first evenings in the spotlight. The public appreciate his songs and began the famous chorus Beautiful BeautifulBeautiful. It takes the ease on the stage of the Olympia and wins the confidence of its fans. A second woman appears in the life of the artist. This is the lovely France Gall, aged 17 years. The beautiful duo began a secret relationship for three years. But his bad traits of character reappear. It oppresses, preventing them from playing with Alain Delon at the movie theater, watching its facts and gestures. His companion, raced several times, feels oppressed. It takes the wide. “Claude was not someone easy. No one was happy around him “, confided to France Sunday in 2015. The rupture is so painful.

Claude François, continues the momentum of the music. At a gala event in Lyon, he is charmed by the beautiful Isabelle Forest. She also is a dancer… They love each other with a strong love and start a family. The couple has two children, Claude François Junior and Marc Francis, born in 1968 and 1969 in Neuilly and Paris. Unfortunately, the spouse is unfaithful. The flame flickers and the lovers are leaving. We will see more set from 1974. She remarried thereafter.

Claude François twirls to other partners. He views Dany Saval, but falls in love finally by Michel Drucker on a tv tray. It appears some time later in the arms of the mannequin Finnish Sofia Kiukkonen. All goes smoothly until the question of starting a family is a problem. The singer does not want children with her, who already has the responsibility of her two sons. She leaves it in 1976. “I will never forget the day where Chouffa, the mother of Claude François, revealed to me that her son had not one child, but two !“, it was explained it was Paris Match in 2008. A huge betrayal that she has never shed, not to mention the fact that she crossed the mistresses of his companion on the floor…

To drown his grief, the artist took refuge again in his compositions. He meets Kathalyn Jones in the winter of 1976, a model of origin in california. She inspires him to sing It is like that that one is loved, sharing his passion and even saves the songs to his sides. It is she, who, at age 23, march 11, 1978, found her husband lifeless in his bathtub in Paris. On that day, never again he’d see his family and Claudettes. The music world will grieve.

Photo credits : Al. Here Paris/Starface

Claude François, France Gall

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