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Entertainment 26 August, 2017


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Claudia Schiffer celebrates the August 25, his 47-year-old, and almost 20 years of career in the fashion industry, the top has never changed. Back on her most beautiful appearances in glamour , starting with its first steps at the age of 22 years on the arm of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Michel Lavaton, which locates Claudia Schiffer, in a nightclub in Düsseldorf in 1997, and Karl Lagerfeld, a few years later, had seen just about it. At the age of 22, this small German blonde locks to become a supermodel known worldwide. And even a movie actress. Today at 47 years old, she still has the same sparkle in the eyes and the perfect smile. The one that we wanted to tear into the advertising campaigns of Chanel, l’oréal, or even Guess and Louis Vuitton. Finally, this will be the producer Matthew Vaughn, who will have the chance to live at his side. He will have the opportunity to admire its beauty all the days in the wedding the may 22, 2002 in England. The couple had three children : Caspar, born in 2003, Clementine, born in 2004, and Cosima Violet, arrival in 2010. As to the secrets of beauty of Claudia Schiffer to stay glamorous, they are simple. To be the most beautiful on the red carpet of Cannes, or the Oscars, she treats her hair to always pull his front, and does yoga to stay toned. Cindy Crawford and Naomi Cambpell, charming with their strengths, have to hold. Claudia Schiffer may well have 47 years old, she keeps a angelic face of the twenties. “I want to stay young as long as possible “, we had entrusted in 2014. She proves daily.

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Claudia Schiffer

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