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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


David Beckham a dad of gold to her little Harper ? Sure ! Even to the point of spending six days to build him a castle princess Lego of 4 000 coins.

Madness Lego has struck again ! Willing victim of the game of creation brick, the superstar David Beckham. In effect, the retiree of the ball round has just published on her behalf Instagram two pictures taken six days apart on which it first appears in the full reflection after unpacking on sun loungers on its terrace the 4080 bricks to climb up ; and then somewhat proud in front of his creation, in this case The Disney Castle.


An hour in the morning, finished… someone is going to have a nice surprise tomorrow morning “, thus wrote the legendary footballer, all to his joy of making a surprise to his daughter, Harper (6 years old). The girl who had had the opportunity to visit in 2013 on the shoulders of his father, the park Legoland California. This is obviously not the first time that the former footballer-old today 42-year-old behaves in adorable dad with his youngest daughter. Literally gaga for her offspring, David Beckham had, despite himself, had to overcome many criticisms on the social networks after having published a photo of him embracing his child on the mouth.


A gesture occurred at the beginning of the month of June last, and that he wanted to explain a month later, during a Facebook Live during a trip to Thailand : “I was criticized the other day for having kissed my daughter on the mouth. I kiss all my kids on the mouth, had defended the glory of Manchester. Maybe not Brooklyn, it is 18 years old and he would think that was probably a little weird. But I’ve always been affectionate with them. This is how Victoria and I were raised, and this is how it behaves with our children. We want to show them that we love them, we protect them, we support them.

Page 1 of the Disney castle , 4000 pieces 490 pages of instructions I look confused but I’m so excited

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1am done… Someone”s gonna have a nice surprise in the morning zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ❤️

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