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Entertainment 28 August, 2017

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For 15 years, Mireille Darc and Alain Delon have formed one of the couples most emblematic of the French cinema, a couple of movies, a couple of dream. Despite their break-up media and their remarriages respective, the two actors have always been able to count on one another.

Mireille Darc died Monday, August 28, at the age of 79 years. Hospitalized as a result of two cerebral hemorrhages since September 2016, the actress has been able to count on the support of her husband Pascal Desprez but also on that of his great love and friend Alain Delon. Their love story begins in 1968 on the set of Jeff. Seduced, she discovers a man who is ” romantic, romantic, tender and at the same time very strong , “as she confided to Gala in 1996. During their 15 years of common life, Mireille Darc also takes care of Anthony Delon, son of Alain Delon has had with his ex-wife Nathalie. Suffering from a heart defect prohibiting any pregnancy, it is the child that she has always dreamed of having.

After years of joy spent with his family in the property of Douchy in Loiret, Mireille Darc and Alain Delon see their love to shake it in the early 80’s. While she is recovering from a cerebral embolism in Marrakech, he falls under the spell of Anne Parillaud on the set of To the skin of a cop in Paris. “There is a false note. Small, but false all the same. It is imperceptible : a look elsewhere, a word is moved, an evening with silences. Men are weak to the disease or the surgery, I know”, told it in the biography Mireille Darc, a free woman, illustrated by his friend photographer Richard Melloul and published in 2013.

If they decide to put an end to their idyll in 1983, Mireille Darc and Alain Delon are friends. They meet in 2007 in order to play together the piece On the road to Madison at the Marigny theatre. The opportunity to prove one last time to the public that the passion has never left. During his hospital stay last winter, the icon of the cinema could count on the presence of Delon at his side. Between them, the link was never broken.

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Mireille Darc, Alain Delon

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