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Entertainment 28 August, 2017


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Between Mireille Darc and Alain Delon, it is 15 years of love, and a lifetime of friendship. A few years ago, the actress today died at the age of 79 years told us about their history. How she had stopped her career for him, and how to love this man had healed her of jealousy. Exclusive

Mireille Darc died on Monday 28 August, she was 79 years old. Weakened from a brain hemorrhage, the actress does not leave his home in recent months and had not appeared publicly since the summer of 2016. Return in images on his love affair with Alain Delon.

The first time that Mireille Darc saw Alain Delon, it was in 1960, rue François 1er, in Paris.We crossed, and Alain looked at me, I looked at him, smiled, and then here. It did not tilt. I found it to be superb, but I didn’t say : “Oh ! it is the man of my life. “ Then he offered me to shoot with him a film called Jeff. It was in 1968.

The filming goes well. And over the days Mireille Darc is more interested in the man behind the actor. Of course, this is a comedian already worship, but she discovers someone at the time ” romantic, romantic, tender and at the same time very strong “. She is under the charm. She speaks of charisma, magnetism,”something that comes from within, a force“.

Alain Delon does not from the outset. It is a secret, mysterious. Mireille Darc likes this. And then he knows how to make the one who shares his unique life. She couldn’t care less about it between the first or not in the restaurants, hold the door or not, these courtesies of form are nothing compared to the attention it brings him, the true one. That is all that counts for her. Length of the day, she sees the women swoon, break down in front of him, she did it with. And then she knows you trust. “Live with Alain has healed me of jealousy “, she summarizes.

During the 15 years of their life together, Mireille Darc decides to quit his job. She attends perfume Delon, build homes… The daily with Alain Delon has precisely nothing from day to day. At his side, it made things a little crazy, a little “crazy ” according to his expression.

The separation of Mireille Darc and Alain Delon, in 1983, does not put a stop to their love. It transforms it. Between them, she said it remains a form of telepathy. That way when it was with a heavy heart, when it goes wrong, he feels and calls. In difficult moments, she can count on him. Always. “If I had ceased any relationship with him, we had it assigned to him, this would have meant that I reniais all that I had promised during our history. The things that I could say to him, and the ones I have been able to hear him were not truths that are transient. They still have resonance. “Dont act.

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