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Entertainment 24 August, 2017


Formerly a journalist, Hortense, the wife of Denis Brogniart has completely changed his life. Today taxidermist, she regularly shares pictures of his works on the social networks.

In 2003, Denis Brogniart met his wife Hortense in LCI, where she was head of publishing. A position she ended up leaving after a few months to work on the set of Koh-Lantato the side of his beloved. If, since then, the facilitator is still at the helm of the program, Hortense, she put an end to his career as a journalist for the care of their three girls, Lili, Purple, and White, but also to indulge in a passion improbable : taxidermy. Obviously specialized in the empaillage birds, Hortense Brogniart often publishes photos of his achievements. Peacocks, owls, or parrots… there’s something for all tastes !

With the exception of an annual trip to Roland Garros, Hortense Brogniart appears very rarely the arm of her husband in the worldly. An absence that the tv presenter was justified in the columns of the Parisian in August 2016. “Hortense has not the soul of a groupie, ignores lights of the television and notoriety, and are always surprised that a photo of it could be of interest to the press. It is a true barometer, always good advice and that soothes me a lot. Between a evening people and a night out with family, there is no match.

Peacock stuffed / taxidermy

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