For the 25 years of the death of Yves Montand, his son Valentin appeared in public with his mother

Entertainment 14 November, 2016

November 9, 1991 Yves Montand left us. To commemorate this disappearance and celebrate the great singer and actor, his last companion, Carole Amiel, and his son Valentin Livi were Place de la Concorde in Paris, at the foot of the Big Wheel, with many personalities.
Twenty-five years almost to the day after the disappearance of Yves Montand , friends and family gathered Friday night at the foot of the Great Wheel of the Place de la Concorde in Paris, for a dinner-concert tribute to immense french actor and singer, entitled 25 years .
For his son, Valentin Livi is an opportunity to celebrate that he has hardly known. He had just under 3 years 9 November 1991, when his father, Yves Montand died. He was preparing his return on stage for a big show in Bercy. Valentin, this disappearance marks the beginning of a childhood without a father, yet this every moment of his life. The boy was quickly isolated because of this situation, as he explained to our colleagues from Paris Match.
“My mother was receiving important people, I had to greet them while I wondered as fun. I was a rather lonely child who drew. ”
Since the beginning of this November, Valentin Livi has increasingly likely to unravel the mystery of his father. Last week, with his mother, the last companion of Yves Montand, he first visited the theater of lyric Gaite, to attend a performance of the work of Yves Montand, Ivo Livi or fate Yves Montand.
Then this Friday, November 11, he was with old friends of Yves Montand, as Nicoletta and Valerie Trierweiler at the foot of the Great Wheel of the Place de la Concorde, for this dinner-concert organized by Marcel Campion, dubbed the “King of the carnival.” At the ephemeral tavern Didine the Tuileries, with stunning views of the Big Wheel, Marcel and his friends left the guitar and sang the most beautiful songs of the artist. Amazing, Samy Naceri had come with his wife Marie de Fleurieu. Florian Philippot was also present. Perhaps they were fans of Yves Montand?
A beautiful way to greet the work of Yves Montand, before perhaps be able to go see his biopic cinema . Project for many years, and stopped at the moment, the project could restart within a year and a half, according to the actor who had the title role, Thierry Neuvic.