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Entertainment 23 December, 2017


No you’re not dreaming, this is not a joke. Denis Brogniart is today at the centre of a controversy because he “dared” to eat cherries in the middle of December… But where is therefore passed the spirit of Christmas ?

The “cherry gate” is now launched on the social networks. Friday, December 22, Denis Brogniart, who was having dinner with friends, has had the (unfortunate) idea to share a photo of this evening on his Twitter account. The host of the show Koh-Lanta on TF1 explained having tasted of cherries from Chile, brought specially by a friend of the market of Rungis. Neither one nor two, several people have strongly criticised this choice of dessert, claiming that they were not in season. Tired of the criticism and the controversy is somewhat surprising, Denis Brogniart has decided to respond to user virulent : “Your vehemence is only matched by your ignorance of the situation. Moderate your transports, everything will be okay. You to me have fun. “

A few minutes later, the facilitator was required to make things clear in a message to all its subscribers : “Oh friends, it’s just an original gift at a dinner party. That is all. This is the first time that I see the cherries this season. Thank you not to pack. “

In the Face of this bad buzz, several facilitators of TF1 were quickly defended their colleague. This is the case for Sandrine Quétier who preferred to laugh : “Imagine if you had also eaten raspberries, scandal,” she wrote. Same sound of bell on the side of Christophe Beaugrand : “I think that TF1 should take penalties. It is intolerable. The CSA must also take action. You can’t stay there. Sandrine told me that you had eaten tomatoes also, this is OFF SEASON”, he added. Since, the user in question has deleted his tweets and blocked his account. Go luck Denis, this is only a bad moment to pass…

Friends, it is reassuring this morning to see that the donor of lesson are turned off by you, who have a sense of humor and who understand my tweet last night. There is hope. Good weekend and merry christmas. Kisses

— Denis Brogniart (@DenisBrogniart) December 23, 2017

And the funny thing is that the guy the more virulent on the cerisegate @pycgraffik , the most grotesque, especially, to which I answer quietly, he blocks me. Amazing courage on Twitter. #appalling

— Denis Brogniart (@DenisBrogniart) December 23, 2017

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