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Entertainment 29 January, 2018

Igor Bogdanoff

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Julie Jardon and Igor Bogdanov met at a party on Friday 26 January, the couple was all smiles for several weeks after the incident that made the headlines last November. The student and model was accompanied by her new companion.

It is the time of smiles ! Finished the animosity, Julie Jardon and Igor Bogdanov seems to have well and truly buried the hatchet. The scientific, star of the tv is 68 years old, and his ex-girlfriend crossed the evening Couture Ball by Langman Events as the closing of the Fashion week held at the Mona Bismarck American Center in Paris, Friday, 26 January. The former lovebirds seemed to be very cordial, all smiles, visibly reconciled. Julie Jardon was, for her, accompanied by her new boy-friend, Nicolas Mereau.

As a reminder, last November, the student, actress and model 25-year-old had filed a complaint against the host of Time X, the latter was introduced by force to the home of her ex during the night. According to information from Closer, it would have threatened the new companion of him ” beating the hell “, could have sworn Julie Jardon that he still loved her and would have promised him a car as a gift.

The case had caused a sensation. In the Face of the scandal, Igor Bogdanov was defended on the antenna of CNews, taking on her new boyfriend : “We met with Julie, we explained, we were talking quietly in the apartment,she was sitting on my lap, her arms around my neck, so there was tenderness in this attitude, and unfortunately all of this ends when the person who wishes to take my place with Julie calls the police to say ‘Attention, it is threatened’.”

Photo credits : Peter Perusseau / Bestimage

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