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Entertainment 16 January, 2018


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Jane Fonda appeared with a bandage on the lip lower, during an interview for AOL Build Series, in New York. At the age of 80, she announced to have been made of the lip after the discovery of cell cancer.

Jane Fonda never allows himself to break down. At 80 years of age, the actress was present in New York during an interview for AOL Build Series. She appeared with a bandage on his lower lip. An image that has raised questions. The actress chose to talk about the cancerous tumor that he was diagnosed : “I was removed a cancerous cell on the lip. I thought it would have healed before I come and see you, but that’s okay. I just want to explain to you. I don’t ride traditionally not like that, she explained to the public. And add a way to put things in perspective: “The world is falling apart : what is a lip?”.

In 2010, The actress was back on the front of the stage after having undergone the ablation of a tumor to the chest. For the tumor in his lip, the actress, however, has not specified what type of cancer cells it was. According to the swiss newspaper, in The Morningit could be a basal cell carcinoma, a skin cancer of the same type as the one against which Hugh Jackman fights and is still made to operate, in 2016.

As always, Jane Fonda, the time seems not to have taken. The actress was 80 years old, has displayed its dynamism and its physical dream during the parade of L’oréal Paris last October wearing a gorgeous dress tiger.

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