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Entertainment 25 January, 2018

Tribute to Johnny Hallyday

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The channel BFM TV filmed the first fans of Johnny Hallyday specially came from France for a tribute to the rocker on the island of Saint-Barthelemy. An important approach to help to make their time of grief.

Fans of Johnny Hallyday have lost their bearings since the death of the rocker. Many of them were present at the Madeleine to make him a national homage, on the 9th of December last. The most faithful fans of the idol of the young people even went as far as to sacrifice their savings to afford a plane ticket and make nearly 7 000 kilometres to collect on the tomb of the taulier, located in the cemetery of Lorient, on the island of Saint-Barthelemy.

The channel BFM TV has met the first fans who came to discover the paradise that the singer was so fond, and which he chose for the last remains. “The cemetery is beautiful,” says Mireille Gref who has done 7 000 km from its town of Fréjus in order to gather on the grave of his idol. “What I loved, it was the man. He was sincere, very sincere. And you felt that he liked many people also, and I understood a lot. Something of us is left with him “, she explains with great emotion. The tomb of the rocker is very ornate and requires a lot of work to the two persons who respond to the commands of the individuals, fans or celebrities who wish also to pay tribute to the singer disappeared.

Mireille Gref and her husband then went to get a drink at Jojo Burger, the restaurant in front of the cemetery where Johnny Hallyday had his habits. It was there that she became aware that the rock star was actually part of it. “It is here, in this tomb. Therefore, it is palpable what. I think Johnny has made the right choice because there is peace. There is something that emanates from the cemetery. It is very simple, simple, to the image of Johnny, ” details the fan of the taulier. This is the Jojo Burger that Johnny Hallyday has decided to be buried on the island. This is also where the loved ones of the rocker are assembled after the burial of the Taulier. The inhabitants of the island have also paid tribute to the performer to Light the fire and ensure every day on the grave of Johnny Hallyday. His wife, Laeticia Hallyday has made every effort to ensure that it remains flowery the time of his absence.

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Johnny Hallyday

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