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Entertainment 27 August, 2017


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The people have become completely addicted to social networks and post on their accounts, everything and anything. Here are pictures of what our friends the celebrities have wanted to share with us this week.

The St Barts sun seems to be beneficial to Johnny. Our ‘ national appears to be in full form in his swimming pool, where he is seen smiling with Laeticia and their two daughters, Joy and Jade.

Karine Ferri , the 35-year-old took advantage of the end of his vacation under the sun. It is simply sublime in her mini bikini white.

Ashley Graham, the model XXL, has also chosen to pose in a bikini, black with tiny flowers for her. The luscious brunette is simply stunning !

Emma Smet, a follower of yoga, offers us a position made particularly spectacular by the dress ultra-sexy, the beautiful. Hot before !

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the u.s. president, receives a lot of mail from children. She introduces us to some of these missives where you can see drawings or messages to the letters colored.

Bruce Willis and his little family are enjoying the last days of vacation. The actor, accompanied by his wife Emma and their two children, Mabel and Evelyn, revitalize Pennsylvania.

Currently in Australia, Nabilla has found a new occupation… She gives the bottle to a little kid. Nice.

Always so lovely, Eva Longoria appears stunning in a orange dress, the neckline is spectacular. We love.

Brahim Zaibat, the famous dancer, we announced a project where he will collaborate with Catherine Deneuve and the dancer of Dancing with the stars, Katrina Patchett. We can’t wait to read more…

Britney Spears, thinner, poses in her gym in mini shorts and micro-top, her stomach muscled well exposed !

Élodie Gossuin, on vacation with his small ” tribe “, we address this lovely snapshot of a family full of tenderness, surrounded by its twins, Julius and Rose, 9 years old, and Josephine, and Leonard almost 4 years. Too much cabbage.

Enzo Zidane, very complicit with his mother, Véronique, whom he affectionately called ” mama “. Both offer this pretty selfie.

 We wish you good viewing and look forward to seeing you next week.

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