PHOTOS – Julie Gayet, overwhelmed by his men

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

The actress Julie Gayet comes to share of few pictures of her with her two son, ages 16 and 17. She was surprised to see already so great, and if adults …

julie-gayetThey are no longer children. Julie Gayet is forced to admit: his two son became men. Thursday, November 17, the actress shared on her Instagram account three shots of her with her boys aged 16 and 17, to show how they were great. ” That’s it, she wrote in legend pictures. They pass me a head !!! ”
Behind the amused, we detect a hint of nostalgia. Like all mothers, Julie Gayet see his children grow up too quickly for his taste … But there are also a lot of pride in the words of the actress. ” My son ,” she wrote tenderly legend of the last picture , where we see her laugh Eclas. On the series of shots, actress radiates happiness, surrounded by her two sons, who pose the back to conceal their faces. Between the two towering figures of its younglings, Julie Gayet definitely seems filled.
The two teenagers were born from the union of the actress with the Argentine director Santiago Amigorena . The couple lived together for several years, before divorcing in 2009. Today, Julie Gayet is under the spotlight since his secret love affair with François Hollande was revealed in January 2014. Recently, the President evoked for the first time his wife , as a formalization in hints. ” Julie is trying to have his life, which is not easy ” has he told reporters Gerard David and Fabrice Lhomme, in their book a President should not say this (Stock).