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Entertainment 18 January, 2018


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Wednesday, 17 January, Kate Middleton was present at the opening of the new wing of a hospital for children Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. The duchess of Cambridge appeared without her famous engagement ring that belonged to Lady Diana. The british press wondered.

When Kate Middleton arrived at the hospital for children Great Ormond street, London, the british press was intrigued. Not by the beautiful red coat of which she was dressed, nor by his warm smile, but by the absence of her engagement ring, which she wears usually to the left ring finger. Composed of a sapphire oval surrounded by diamonds, this piece was the engagement ring of her husband’s late mother, Lady Diana.

A ring that she would never have had to have, because at the death of their mother, this is prince Harry who decided to keep it. A few years later, he was offered to prince William so that he could make his proposal of marriage. So, would there be water in the gas between the duke and the duchess of Cambridge ? According to the Daily Express, there is no need to worry. Princess Kate, whose delivery is expected in three months, would only have fingers that swellbecause of her pregnancy.

A small inconvenience, that is nothing compared to the ordeal she experienced during her first trimester. The duchess of Cambridge is suffering from a disease, hyperemesis gravidarum, whose symptoms are severe nausea. Once the syndrome dissipated, Kate Middleton has resumed her royal duties and has chained the exits and official meetings. The third baby of the princely couple is scheduled for April 2018. We do not know yet the sex of the future royal highness.

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