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Entertainment 16 January, 2018


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Laeticia Hallyday has left St Barth for the United States : far from Johnny the wife of rocker will have the heavy responsibility to carry out the completion of the album posthumous, but also to rebuild after the time of mourning.

Since 10 December, Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters had joined St Barth, the island chosen by Johnny for eternity. This is where the rocker was buried in the presence of his four children and his closest friends. Despite the presence of his family, and the love of all, Laeticia Hallyday, very marked by the death of the man broods in silence, and hardly able to regain the taste of life. The villa jade, everything reminds her of her man. However, for the sake of her girls who need to go back to school and for administrative reasons, the family Hallyday has left the Caribbean island to Los Angeles where Laeticia live now. No question of returning to Paris, to the Savannah, the house where death Johnny.

On images from BFM TV, we see Laeticia his daughters and Grandma Rock take the plane – all that was organized by Jean-Claude Darmon, according to our information. A strong emotional moment, we see Laeticia in the arms of his loved ones, very excited. Before taking off, she has been to see the grave of Johnny. It should not go back to St Barth for several months. But everything has been organized on the spot for the grave of rocker or flower every day. A St Barth she will be able to count on Maxim Nucci, present at his side to complete the last project of Johnny, an album posthumously.

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