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Entertainment 18 January, 2018


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After St Barts, this is Los Angeles that Laeticia Hallyday has put his bags. In the city of Angels, Laeticia begins a long work of mourning. His goal : to prepare the release of the album posthumous Johnny.

After having spent a month in St Barth, Laeticia Hallyday has left – not without tearing – the island where Johnny is buried. For administrative purposes, and in relation to the education of his daughters, Laeticia had to return to Los Angeles. This is where the couple Hallyday, was installed several years ago. Surrounded by his daughters, Mamie Rock, and his mother, Theaeticia Hallyday has taken the private jet to Jean-Claude Darmon and left for a few weeks at least the island where for a month, trying to relearn how to live without her man.

Los Angeles, Laeticia has a mission : to finish the album of Johnny. With Sébastien Farran, Maxim Nucci and Yarol Poupaud, it is her responsibility to realize the album testament of the singer and thus carry out his last wishes.

In grief, Laeticia did not come to St Barth to manage the business, do the shopping or accompany her daughters to school. In Los Angeles, at their home in Pacific Palisades, Laeticia going to have to learn to live alone, in one of the most chic areas of Los Angeles. The cross of Johnny around the neck, the young widow has been spotted in the streets of THE 17th January, then she went to a sushi restaurant with the manager of the Taulier.

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