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Entertainment 10 December, 2017


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Impressive dignity, Laeticia Hallyday has held up well despite the grief. The eyes filled with tears, the widow of the rocker paid tribute to her man, a tribute to rock n’ roll, of course.

This December, 9, place de la Madeleine, the widow of Johnny Hallyday has faced : in spite of the pain of having lost the man she loved for 22 years, and after a hard battle against the disease, Laeticia has shown a dignity recognized by all. Putting her arms around her daughters Jade and Joy, comforted by David as the new head of the family of Hallyday, Laeticia has not cracked. We have a view yet on the edge of the rupture, in the arms of Brigitte Macron but also at the time of a last kiss on the coffin a white-lacquered Johnny.

Upon his arrival in place de la Madeleine, in addition to his dark glasses, and the cross she wore around her neck in memory of Johnny, her nail varnish, black rock, the same as the Granny Rock was coming out. Point of coquetry, trifling, of course, on this day of grief and emotion but a tribute to Johnny, who had a crush on her pretty hands at their first meeting.

During an interview, Johnny confided what detail had so far :” During the whole dinner, I looked at his hands. She had hands great. She had hands, neat, beautiful and I said to myself that this girl had really nice hands “. In front of Michel Drucker, Laeticia has also revealed that had the most marked among Johnny Hallyday : ” for Me, it was his eyes “. This Saturday, 9 December, his hand, tenderly holding those Jade and Joy, nails painted in black… rock n’ roll.

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