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Entertainment 14 December, 2017


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To Laeticia and her daughters, the loss of the rocker seems to be insurmountable. Thursday 14 December, the mother and girls were again made in the cemetery of Lorient, to gather in silence on the tomb of the singer.

After the homage comes the time of mourning. Johnny Hallyday went on the 6th of December last at the age of 74 years. He leaves behind a wife and children inconsolable. After the burial, the handful of faithful convened by Laetitia Hallyday has taken the plane to leave the island of St-Barthelémy and return to metropolis. Now single, the widow of the rocker can nevertheless count on the support of his mother Sylvie and his grand-mother, Mamie Rock, who had used to look tenderly to the two little girls Jade and Joy. But their worth is immense.

During his burial on the 11th of December last at the cemetery of Lorient, Laeticia had decided not to take Jade and Joy. She wanted to surely preserve the two young girls. But once the ceremony was finished, they went together to pray at the grave of Johnny Hallyday.

Thursday 14 December, mother and girls are at it again alleys gather in the cemetery of Lorient. Very proven, they no longer seem to want to leave the island. However, according to our information, Laeticia had decided to join Los Angeles in mid-January. A test for her and her daughters who will not be able to come when they wish on the tomb of the singer disappeared.

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