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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


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Johnny Hallyday went on the 6th of December last at the age of 74 years. Very proven, his wife Laeticia has made several visits to pay tribute to her husband, who disappeared. At each of her apparitions, she had around his neck the famous cross on the rocker.

On the 6th of December last, in a disturbing, Laeticia announced to the French than her husband, the famous rocker Johnny Hallyday, was dead in his house in Marnes-la-coquette at the age of 74 years. A few days later, strong and dignified in the face of the event, the young widow appeared behind the coffin of her husband, place de la Madeleine, with two little girls Jade and Joy. All of black dressed, the young mother of 42-year-old wore sunglasses to hide his tears, and a large silver cross around his neck, a jewel which was particularly her deceased husband. In fact, Johnny Hallyday cannot be separated ever from this necklace. It is a cross, depicting a woman crucified with a guitar.

Since the death of the rocker, Laeticia leaving more of this precious jewel. She had around her neck in homage popular in Paris, but also in the cemetery of Lorient, St-Barthelémy. In white dress, knotted hair, Laeticia has left or his dark glasses or his cross carefully fastened around his neck. Accompanied by his daughters after the burial of the star a few hours later, the young mother, wearing a long pink dress, had still not left his precious jewel. A memory of her missing husband, she wears close to her heart.

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