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Entertainment 21 December, 2017


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Since the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday on December 6, Laeticia watch over her girls, anxious not too much to disturb the two girls aged only 9 and 13 years old. A St Barth, they are trying to get life back to almost normal.

A mother she-wolf. It has to be very close to his two daughters Jade and Joy at the ceremony a tribute to Johnny. Laeticia, bruised by grief, collapsed, overwhelmed by the pain. But ” it will “, testified her friend Muriel Robin in the aftermath of the disappearance of the Taulier. Invisible during the few days that followed the death of her husband, Laeticia appeared marked, very emaciated at the tribute to the Madeleine. Already in the coma of her husband in 2009, Laeticia, admitted to have lost sleep and appetite. Despite the pain of losing the one that she cherished for the past 20 years, Laeticia has held good to his daughters Jade and Joy. A 9-year-old Joy does not yet see very well what has happened these last few days, but Jade, 13 years old, who lived closer to the illness of his dad, saw him fight the disease for months.

Laeticia has chosen to do nothing to their hide, as it always has done, but also to protect them. The girls did not wish to attend the burial of their dad, it is the next day in a small committee with one of the closest Johnny Jean Reno as the girls came out to gather at the grave of Johnny. The time of mourning has begun for the girls. In spite of everything, Laeticia is anxious to give her daughters life as normal as possible.

It is in St Barts that they will remain so for a few weeks, before moving to Los Angeles. In the meantime, they have returned to school in St Barth. Down there the children of stars vha ve to be in a relative anonymity. Like all children of their age, the daughters of Johnny have made their back-to-school, back to school special, of course. Epaulées by their mother, Françoise, their grand-mother and Grandmother Rock, the great mother worshipped of Laeticia, always present for the princesses of Johnny, the girls go there every day on the grave of their father to collect them.

Jean Reno, the sponsor of Jade was also present for this season a bit special. Excellent school, the girls are the pride of their mother, who left school a teenager to get started in modeling. For her daughters, she wants the best.

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