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Entertainment 9 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

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In the Face of the disappearance of their father, they are one in front. David and Laura, this is the story of a big brother who has always made sure, sometimes like a second dad, on his half-sister. Slideshow made by Emilia Cardona.

It is with one voice that they are expressed in the pain. “Today we have lost our father,” wrote Johnny Hallyday and Laura Smet in a joint press release. “Thank you for the support that you bring to us and your messages, which affect us and which are very important for us.”

Their father, Johnny Hallyday, icon of the French song, died this Wednesday, December 6, in the night, after a long battle with cancer. A difficult test for his two older children. A brother and sister, by different mothers, but who have always maintained a unique relationship and very strong links. David, born in 1966, of the union of the rocker with Sylvie Vartan, quickly played the role of a pillar for her younger sister Laura, born in 1983, and daughter of Nathalie Baye.

In the difficult times experienced by the young Laura, a free spirit, she has always been able to rely on his eldest son. He was able to lend a helping hand, comfort her and steer. In 2009, he helps her make her first steps into the song with the title, We are afraid.

Last march, they performed this song on the stage of the Trianon. A moving moment, as was described with Estelle Lefebure of that night. Laura was thrilled to share the stage with his “love of brother”, a moment of unity. States, they will be more than ever in the weeks to come…

Saturday 9 December, when the heartfelt homage to Johnny Hallyday, the brother and the sister, in front of the church of the Madeleine, went to the house the remains of their father, arrived with Laeticia in the motorcade.

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